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7. Burns are a natural part of the ecosystem - WRONG

Updated: May 5, 2023

Burns are done at much higher frequency and in different seasons to the natural fire cycle.

The south-west of Australia evolved with infrequent summer fires.

Many plants are killed by fire and require time between fires to produce enough seeds for the species to survive. DBCA's own research shows that even in 1990, the climate meant that for the majority of the south west region a minimum of 10 years was requried for these plants to reach this stage, that this minimum period is increasing due to climate change.

The timing of prescribed burns also has a direct impact on wildlife, with the majority of burns done in autumn and spring when a large number of species are breeding or have young. The nesting periods for all three endangered species of black cockatoos in the south-west are at the same time as when the most prescribed burns are done (see below)

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